List of Attack of the 50ft Nerds Episodes

Here you will find a list of every “Attack” episode and a link to the page where you can stream, or download the show. Enjoy!

Episode 1: Pilot

Episode 2: Like Pulling Teeth…

Episode 3: Fifty Foot Tangents

Episode 4: Graveyard Dead

Episode 5: The Madness Descends

Episode 6: Randomness, Alcohol And Broken Mics

Episode 7: Gooosh! (The Gayest Episode Ever)

Episode 8: Camp Hitler (aka – Son of Goosh)

Episode 9: Fifty Shades of Goosh!

Episode 10: I’d Jizz On That For A Dollar

Episode 11: Burning an Effigy of Colonel Sanders

Episode 12: A Whole Lotta ComicCon and Sex Talk

Episode 13: Zack “Floppytodger” Snyder

Episode 14: 50 Shades of Bane

Episode 15: The Goat-Man Cometh

Episode 16: Return of the Nerds

Episode 17: “Cum Hard” With Bitch Willis

Episode 18: The King and We

Episode 19: Andy’s Shower Fridge

Episode 20: Werewolves Vs Builders

Episode 21: Marry My Chinese Lesbian Daughter!

Episode 21.5: Yeti Peas, Russian Tetris

Episode 22: “It’s The Wurzels, Harry!”

Episode 23: Trapped In Bukkarbonite

Episode 24: The Matthew Vaughn Cosplayer Army

Episode 25: Tranny Of The Apes

Episode 26: “I for one welcome our new condiment overlords.”

Episode 27: Stay Away From The Lemon Drizzle!

Episode 28: Batwan Kenobi

Episode 29: Supersonic Marmalade Waterfalls

Episode 30: Space Thunder Kids!

Episode 31: We Put The Holler In Holocaust!

Episode 32: Midget Cable

Episode 0: Voldemort And Bane’s Magic Pensieve-O-Tron 2000

Episode 33: Beware The Stairs

Episode 34: Lemurs In Tweed

Episode 35: The More You Know With Baywatch Chile

Episode 35.5: Das Boob

Episode 36: Blended Dog Mime Head Moon Faeces

Episode 37: “Look at mah Sporran, don’t ya know!”

Episode 38: “I’ve got gangrenous, oblong legs!”

Episode 39.NOW!: Skirmish of the 50ft Nerds

Episode 40: Paul Is Old Now

Episode 41: Two Daemons And A Ghost

Altercation Of The 50ft Nerds Episode 42: Belgium

Episode 43: “Spam, Bats!”

Episode 44: Palpatine’s List


Episode 46: I Don’t Care

Episode 47: Thomas the Time Lord

Episode 48: James Earl Jones starring in “CATS”

Episode 49: Drunk Eddie Redmayne’s Flamboyant Gay Son

Episode 50: Three Xenomorphs In A Bathtub

Episode 51: The Adventures Of Yorkshire Aquaman and Evil Ghost Superman

Episode 52: Dude, Where’s My Dad?

Episode 53: A Renegade Cop Who Lives On A Tugboat

Episode 54: The Gentlemanly Adventures Of Kiss And Pig

Episode 55: The LexiconPod with Marky Mark

Episode 55.5: #ANTMOOT2016

Episode 56: “Look at the pictures, Norman!”

Episode 58: THE RETURN!

Episode 59: Reboot of the 50ft Nerds

Episode 60: Play Ja Ja Ding Dong!

Episode 61: Paul Has Issues

Episode 62: Paul Gives a Touching, Heartfelt Eulogy to Chadwick Boseman

Episode 63: “Let’s Run Away From The Blob, Fellow Kids!”

Episode 64: Doctor, Doctor, I Think I’m a Podcast!

Episode 65: Sean Connery Walks Into Disney. .. . Ow. [Live from Geek Retreat Warrington]

Episode 66: Jason Statham and his Furry Friend

Episode 67: This One Sounds Awful

Episode 68: Louisiana Stu

Episode 69: Bacon and Eggs

Episode 70: Chills and the Essex Gimp

Episode 71: Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner?

Episode 72: Jeremy Renner Names a Snowplow

Episode 73: Mandy Morning Roll’s a Role

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